submatrix: A Five-Variable Sub-Matrix of the First Five Variables of...

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This dataset represents a subset of the causal relationships defining Dambacher's five-variable system. Specifically, it contains the first five variables of the dataset cm.dambacher.




A 5 by 5 (-1, 0, 1) matrix. The matrix is interpreted as the jth variable has the direct causal effect a[i,j] on i.


Dambacher, J. M. and Li, H. W. and Rossignol, P. A. (2002) Relevance of community structure in assessing indeterminacy of ecological predictions. Ecology, 83(5),1372–1385.

Puccia, C. J. and Levins, R. (1986) Qualitative Modeling of Complex Systems: An Introduction to Loop Analysis and Time Averaging. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.

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