Man pages for LumReader
TL/OSL Reader Simulator

add_FilterFunction to add a filter to a stack
call_ShinyLumReaderShinyLumReader application
combine_FiltersFunction to combine two filters
create_ExperimentFunction to create a Experiment.
create_FilterFunction to create a filter.
create_FilterStackFunction to create a filter stack
create_MaterialFunction to create a Material.
create_PMTFunction to create a PMT.
create_ReaderFunction to create a Reader.
create_StimulationFunction to create a Stimulation.
default_FiltersFonction to upload the default filters.
default_MaterialFonction to upload the default Material.
default_PMTFonction to upload the default PMT.
default_StimulationFonction to upload the default Stimulation.
Experiment-classClass Experiment
export_FilterFunction to export a filter
export_MaterialFunction to export a Material
export_PMTFunction to export a PMT
export_StimulationFunction to export a Stimulation
Filter-classClass Filter
FilterStack-classClass 'FilterStack'
import_FilterFunction to import a filter
import_MaterialFunction to import a Material
import_PMTFunction to import a PMT
import_StimulationFunction to import a Stimulation
LumReader-packageTools to simulate a TL/OSL Reader
Material-classClass Material
plot_ExperimentFunction to plot a Experiment
plot_FilterFunction to plot a filter
plot_FilterStackFunction to plot a filter stack.
plot_MaterialFunction to plot a Material
plot_PMTFunction to plot a PMT
plot_ReaderFunction to plot a filter stack.
plot_StimulationFunction to plot a Stimulation
PMT-classClass 'PMT'
Reader-classClass 'Reader'
remove_FilterFunction to remove a filter from a stack
Stimulation-classClass Stimulation
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