Man pages for MASSExtra
Some 'MASS' Enhancements

as_complexCoerce to complex
avoidAvoid overlaps
bcBox-Cox transform
bc_invBox-Cox transform inverse
box_coxBox-cox constructor function
default_testGuess the default test
dot-normaliseNormalise a vector
eigen2Generalized eigenvalue problem
GICIntermediate Information Criterion
givens_orthGivens orthogonalisation
gs_orth_modifiedGram-Schmidt orthogonalization
hr_levels#' @rdname kde_1d #' @export kernelBiweight <- function(x,...
kde_1dOne-dimensional Kernel Density Estimate
kde_2dA Two-dimensional Kernel Density Estimate
lambdaFind the box-cox transform exponent estimate
makepredictcall.normaliseMethod function for safe prediction
mean_cMean and variance for a circular sample
plot.drop_termdrop_term plot method
print.lambdaPrint method for Box-Cox objects
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
step_AICStepwise model construction and inspection
step_downNaive backeward elimination
unitChangeUnit change functions
usr2inConversion functions for plotting
vcovxExtended variance matrix
which_triWhich in lower/upper triangle
xy-classAn S4 class to represent alternavive complex, matrix or list...
zsStandardisation functions for models
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