MAc: Meta-Analysis with Correlations

This is an integrated meta-analysis package for conducting a correlational research synthesis. One of the unique features of this package is in its integration of user-friendly functions to facilitate statistical analyses at each stage in a meta-analysis with correlations. It uses recommended procedures as described in The Handbook of Research Synthesis and Meta-Analysis (Cooper, Hedges, & Valentine, 2009).

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AuthorAC Del Re & William T. Hoyt
Date of publication2012-10-29 08:57:15
MaintainerAC Del Re <>

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Man pages

agg_r: Internal anRpackage objects

agg_r2: Internal MAc objects

aggrs: Internal anRpackage objects

ancova_to_d1: ANCOVA F-statistic to d

ancova_to_d2: ANCOVA F-statistic to d II

CatComp: Internal anRpackage objects

CatCompf: Internal MAc objects

CatCompr: Internal MAc objects

CatMod: Internal anRpackage objects

CatModf: Internal MAc objects

CatModfQ: Internal MAc objects

CatModGraph: Internal anRpackage objects

CatModr: Internal MAc objects

CatModrQ: Internal MAc objects

ComplData: Internal anRpackage objects

d_to_g: Standardized Mean Difference (d) Statistic to Unbiased...

facts: Internal MAd objects

fail_to_d: Failure groups to Standardized Mean Difference (d)

f.ancova_to_d: ANCOVA F-statistic to Standardized Mean Difference (d)

ForestPlot: Internal anRpackage objects

f_to_d: F-test to Standardized Mean Difference (d)

FunnelPlot: Internal anRpackage objects

Kappa: Inter-Rater Agreement

lor_to_d: Log Odds Ratio to Standardized Mean Difference (d)

MAreg1: Internal anRpackage objects

MAreg2: Internal anRpackage objects

MAregGraph: Internal anRpackage objects

mean_to_d: Means to Standardized Mean Difference

mean_to_d2: Means with Pooled SD to Standardized Mean Difference

MetaR: Internal anRpackage objects

MRfit: Internal anRpackage objects

MultiModGraph: Internal anRpackage objects

OmnibusES: Internal anRpackage objects

or_to_d: Odds Ratio to Standardized Mean Difference (d)

p.ancova_to_d1: One-tailed p-value from ANCOVA to Standardized Mean...

p.ancova_to_d2: Two-tailed p-value from ANCOVA to Standardized Mean...

pick_one: Internal MAc objects

prop_to_d: Internal anRpackage objects

prop_to_or: Internal anRpackage objects

p_to_d1: One-tailed p-value to Standardized Mean Difference (d)

p_to_d2: Two-tailed p-value to Standardized Mean Difference (d)

r_from_chi: Chi-Squared to Correlation

r_from_d: Correlation from Mean Difference

r_from_d1: Correlation from Mean Difference II

r_from_t: Correlation from t-test

r_to_d: Correlation (r) to Standardized Mean Difference (d)

r_to_z: Correlation to Fisher's z

stat_sum_single1: Internal MAc objects

stat_sum_single2: Internal MAc objects

tt.ancova_to_d: t-test Value from ANCOVA to Standardized Mean Difference (d)

t_to_d: t-test Value to Standardized Mean Difference (d)

var_r: Correlation Variance

var_z: Fisher's z Variance

Wifun: Internal anRpackage objects


agg_r Man page
agg_r2 Man page
aggrs Man page
ancova_to_d1 Man page
ancova_to_d2 Man page
CatComp Man page
CatCompf Man page
CatCompr Man page
CatMod Man page
CatModf Man page
CatModfQ Man page
CatModGraph Man page
CatModr Man page
CatModrQ Man page
ComplData Man page
d_to_g Man page
facts Man page
fail_to_d Man page
f.ancova_to_d Man page
ForestPlot Man page
f_to_d Man page
FunnelPlot Man page
Kappa Man page
lor_to_d Man page
MAreg1 Man page
MAreg2 Man page
MAregGraph Man page
mean_to_d Man page
mean_to_d2 Man page
MetaR Man page
MRfit Man page
MultiModGraph Man page
OmnibusES Man page
or_to_d Man page
p.ancova_to_d1 Man page
p.ancova_to_d2 Man page
pick_one Man page
prop_to_d Man page
prop_to_or Man page
p_to_d1 Man page
p_to_d2 Man page
r_from_chi Man page
r_from_d Man page
r_from_d1 Man page
r_from_t Man page
r_to_d Man page
r_to_z Man page
stat_sum_single1 Man page
stat_sum_single2 Man page
tt.ancova_to_d Man page
t_to_d Man page
var_r Man page
var_z Man page
Wifun Man page

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