Man pages for MBCbook
Companion Package for the Book "Model-Based Clustering and Classification for Data Science" by Bouveyron et al. (2019, ISBN:9781108644181).

AdviceThe Advice data set from Lazega (2001)
AIDSBlogsThe AIDSBlogs data set
amazonFineFoodsThe Amazon Fine Foods data set
constrEMSemi-supervised clustering with must-link constraints
CoworkerThe Coworker data set from Lazega (2001)
creditThe Credit data set
denoisePatchesDenoising of image patches
FriendThe Friend data set from Lazega (2001)
imageToPatchTransform an image into a collection of patches
imshowDisplay an image
MBCbook-packageCompanion Package for the Book "Model-Based Clustering and...
NIRThe chemometrics near-infrared (NIR) data set
PoliticalBlogsThe political blog data set
puffinThe puffin data set
reconstructImageReconstructing an image from a patch decomposition
rqdaRobust (quadratic) discriminant analysis
UScongressThe US congress vote data set
usps358The handwritten digits usps358 data set
varSelEMA variable selection algorithm for clustering
velib2DThe bivariate Vélib data set
velibCountThe discrete version (count data) of the Vélib data set
wine27The (27-dimensional) Italian Wine data set
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