Man pages for MC2toPath
Translates information from netcdf files with MC2 output into inter-PVT transitions.

AggregateFireFracsLump fire occurrence data for multiple PVTs
AggregateVegFracsAggregate vegetation fractions
MC2toPath-packageTranslate MC2 output netcdf files into inter-PVT transition...
ReportMeanVegChangesReport Mean Vegetation Changes
SaveFireAreaFracsSave Fire Area Fractions
SaveFireProbabilityMultipliersSave fire probability multipliers as text files
SaveMatrixSave a matrix to a text file
SaveRatiosNormalize an array
SaveSequenceSave a sequence of yearly values
SaveVegChangeProbabilityMultipliersSaves probability multipliers for Path to read in.
SaveVegFracsSave the yearly series of veg type fractions
vegChanges_step11Example data for step 11 in the MC2toPath package
vegChanges_step3Example data for step 3 in the MC2toPath package
VegTypeChangesCalculates transition rates.
VTnamesVTYPE names by base calibration
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