Man pages for MCMCglmm
MCMC Generalised Linear Mixed Models

at.levelIncidence Matrix of Levels within a Factor
at.setIncidence Matrix of Combined Levels within a Factor
BTdataBlue Tit Data for a Quantitative Genetic Experiment
BTpedBlue Tit Pedigree
buildVForms expected (co)variances for GLMMs fitted with MCMCglmm
commutationCommutation Matrix
dcmvnormDensity of a (conditional) multivariate normal variate
DexpressionsList of unevaluated expressions for (mixed) partial...
DtensorTensor of (mixed) partial derivatives
evalDtensorEvaluates a list of (mixed) partial derivatives
gelman.priorPrior Covariance Matrix for Fixed Effects.
inverseAInverse Relatedness Matrix and Phylogenetic Covariance Matrix
knorm(Mixed) Central Moments of a Multivariate Normal Distribution
KPPMKronecker Product Permutation Matrix
krzanowski.testKrzanowski's Comparison of Subspaces
kunifCentral Moments of a Uniform Distribution
list2bdiagForms the direct sum from a list of matrices
MCMCglmmMultivariate Generalised Linear Mixed Models
MCMCglmmPackageMultivariate Generalised Linear Mixed Models
meDesign Matrix for Measurement Error Model
mult.membDesign Matrices for Multiple Membership Models
pathDesign Matrix for Path Analyses
PlodiaPOPhenoloxidase measures on caterpillars of the Indian meal...
PlodiaRResistance of Indian meal moth caterpillars to the granulosis...
PlodiaRBResistance (as a binary trait) of Indian meal moth...
plot.MCMCglmmPlots MCMC chains from MCMCglmm using plot.mcmc
plotsubspacePlots covariance matrices
posterior.antePosterior distribution of ante-dependence parameters
posterior.corTransforms posterior distribution of covariances into...
posterior.evalsPosterior distribution of eigenvalues
posterior.inversePosterior distribution of matrix inverse
posterior.modeEstimates the marginal parameter modes using kernel density...
predict.MCMCglmmPredict method for GLMMs fitted with MCMCglmm
prunePedPedigree pruning
PtensorTensor of Sample (Mixed) Central Moments
rbvRandom Generation of MVN Breeding Values and Phylogenetic...
residuals.MCMCglmmResiduals form a GLMM fitted with MCMCglmm
rIWRandom Generation from the Conditional Inverse Wishart...
rtcmvnormRandom Generation from a Truncated Conditional Normal...
rtnormRandom Generation from a Truncated Normal Distribution
simulate.MCMCglmmSimulate method for GLMMs fitted with MCMCglmm
sirDesign Matrix for Simultaneous and Recursive Relationships...
sm2asremlConverts sparseMatrix to asreml's giv format
splOrthogonal Spline Design Matrix
SShornsHorn type and genders of Soay Sheep
summary.MCMCglmmSummarising GLMM Fits from MCMCglmm
Tri2MLower/Upper Triangle Elements of a Matrix
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