Man pages for MChtest
Monte Carlo hypothesis tests with Sequential Stopping

beta.ratioCalculation Ratio of two Beta functions
find.abFind beta parameters to approximate distribution of p-values.
findB.designCalculates B-value stopping boundary
find.cbFinds cb=Kstar for B-value stopping rule
MCboundCreate Monte Carlo stopping boundary
MCbound.precalc1Precalculated object of class MCbound
MCbound.typeCreate Monte Carlo Stopping Boundary: functions by type
MChtest-packageMonte Carlo hypothesis tests allowing sequential stopping
MCtestPerform Monte Carlo hypothesis tests.
MCtest.defaultInternal function to calculation MC test
multCalculation to Convert Stored cb values to K values.
p1.given.p0Find p0 (or p1) associated with p1 (or p0) that gives minimax...
plot.MCboundPlot stopping boundary
print.MCtestprints objects of the class MCtest
rriskCalculate resampling risk and expected resampling size
sort.thetaSort stopping boundary by standard ordering between MCbound parameterizations
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