mfbootcluster-class: Class mfbootcluster

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Class mfbootcluster is created from output of function MFClusBoot


  • nboot: numeric value specifying number of samples

  • alpha: numeric value specifying complement of confidence interval

  • seed: vector of integers specifying seed for pseudo-random number generator used

  • compare: vector of character strings naming groups compared

  • rng: character string naming type of random number generator

  • stat: matrix matrix with columns observed, median, lower, upper for estimates

  • what: character vector naming what was resampled: clusters, units, both

  • excludedClusters: character vector naming clusters excluded because of missing treatment(s)

  • call: the call to MFClusBoot

  • sample: what is this?




Marie Vendettuoli

See Also


Other mf: mf-class, mfboot-class, mfhlboot-class

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