Man pages for MLCM
Maximum Likelihood Conjoint Measurement

anova.mlcmAnalysis of Deviance for Maximum Likelihood Conjoint...
as.mlcm.dfCoerce data frame to mlcm.df
binom.diagnosticsDiagnostics for Binary GLM
boot.mlcmResampling of an Estimated Conjoint Measurement Scale
BumpyGlossyConjoint Measurement Data for Bumpiness and Glossiness
fitted.mlcmFitted Responses for a Conjoint Measurement Scale
logLik.mlcmExtract Log-Likelihood from mlcm Object
make.wideCreate data frame for Fitting Conjoint Measurment Models by...
mlcmFit Conjoint Measurement Models by Maximum Likelihood
MLCM-packageMaximum Likelihood Conjoint Measurement
plot.mlcmPlot an mlcm Object
plot.mlcm.dfCreate Conjoint Proportion Plot from mlcm.df Object
predict.mlcmPredict Method for MLCM Objects
summary.mlcmSummary Method for mlcm objects
TextureThree-way Conjoint Measurement Data for Texture Regularity.
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