holdback: Holdback scores

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Calculates the holdback scores for a multilevel index of dissimilarity





an object of class lmerMod generated by the lme4 package


For the index of dissimilarity (ID), the residuals are the differences between the share of the Y population and the share of the X population per neighbourhood. For the multilevel index, the residuals are estimated at and partitioned between each level of the model. The holdback scores take each level in the model in turn and set the residuals (the effects) at that level to zero, then recalculating the ID on that basis and recording the percentage change in the original value that occurs. The holdback scores are calculated automatically as part of the function id and can be viewed through print(index), where index is the object returned by the function, or as attr(index, "holdback").


a numeric vector containing the holdback scores

See Also

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