Man pages for MMAC
Data for Mathematical Modeling and Applied Calculus

AAPLStockMonthlyClosing Stock Price of Apple Inc.
APCalculusNumber of Students taking the AP Calculus Exam
APCalculus2Number of Students taking the AP Calculus Exam
BlastDataBlast Radius of Trinity Test
BodyMassMetabolicRateClosing Stock Price of Apple Inc.
DJIACloseQuarterlyQuarterly Closing Value of Dow Jones Industrial Average
EbolaSierraLeoneEbola Cases in Sierra Leone, Africa
ElectricBillElectric Bill
ElectronicMailOrderSalesUS Electronic and Mail Order Sales
EngineRPMRPM of Different Engines
FacebookUsersFacebook Users
FordMarketVolume1Ford Motors Market Volume
FordMarketVolume2Ford Motors Market Volume
GenderRatio1Gender Ratio in World Population
GenderRatio2Gender Ratio in World Population
HawaiiTidal Depths in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
HealthExpenditureHealth Expenditures as a Percentage of U.S. GDP
HispanicPopulationLatino's Living in the United States
HSDropoutRateHigh School Dropout Rate
HSGradsInCollegeHigh School Graduates in College
LifeExpectancyPhysiciansLife Expectancy in Different Countries
MaunaLoaCO2Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide from Mauna Loa
McDBurgers1Burgers Sold by McDonalds
McDBurgers2Burgers Sold by McDonalds
MMACData for Mathematical Modeling and Applied Calculus
MonthlyUnemploymentUS Unemployment Rate
Mortgage15YrAnnual15 Year Annual Mortgage Rates
Mortgage30YrAnnual30 Year Annual Mortgage Rates
Mortgage30YrMonthly130 Year Annual Mortgage Rates
Mortgage30YrMonthly230 Year Annual Mortgage Rates
NASDAQQuarterlyClosing NASDAQ Value
NaturalGasConsumptionUS Natural Gas Consumption
NaturalGasConsumption2US Natural Gas Consumption
NetherlandsPopulationPopulation of the Netherlands
OilProductionAnnual1Annual US Oil Production
OilProductionAnnual2Annual US Oil Production
PollenCountLAPollen Count in Los Angeles, CA
PopulationBelgiumPopulation of Belgium
RunningSpeedRunning Speed of Animals
SATMathKentuckySAT Math Scores in Kentucky
StudentDebt1Average Student Debt
StudentDebt2Average Student Debt
SunPositionAlaskaSun Position in Anchorage, Alaska
SunriseLASunrise in Los Angeles, CA
SunsetGreenwichSunset in Greenwich, England
SunsetLASunset in Los Angeles, CA
SwimmingSpeedSwimming Speed of Various Animals
TemperaturesDanvilleTemperatures in Danville, KY
ToyotaMonthlyToyota Stock Prices
TwitterUsersTwitter Users
TwitterUsers1Twitter Users
TwitterUsers2Twitter Users
TwitterUsers3Twitter Users
USCO2EmissionsUS CO2 Emissions
USRetailTaxUS Retail Tax
USTotalPopulationTotal U.S. Population
WaterLevelsEastportMaineWater Levels in Eastport, Maine
WeightChangeWeight Change during Pregnancy
WorldPopulationWorld Population
WorldPopulationChangeWorld Population Change
YellowCardsYellow Cards in World Cup
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