MNM: Multivariate Nonparametric Methods. An Approach Based on Spatial Signs and Ranks

Multivariate tests, estimates and methods based on the identity score, spatial sign score and spatial rank score are provided. The methods include one and c-sample problems, shape estimation and testing, linear regression and principal components.

AuthorKlaus Nordhausen, Jyrki Mottonen, Hannu Oja
Date of publication2016-06-29 15:57:29
MaintainerKlaus Nordhausen <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

affine.trans: Function For Affine Data Transformation

anova.mvl1lm: Comparisons between Multivariate Linear Models

beans: Randomized Block Experiment of Plots of Beans

coef.mvl1lm: Coefficients of an mvl1lm Object

fitted.mvl1lm: Fitted Values of an mvl1lm Object

MNM-package: Multivariate Nonparametric Methods. An Approach Based on...

mv.1sample.est: Multivariate One Sample Location Estimates

mv.1sample.test: Multivariate Location Tests

mv.2sample.est: Multivariate Two Sample Shift Estimates

mv.2way.est: Treatment Effect Estimates in the Randomized Complete Block...

mv.2way.test: Randomized Complete Block Design.

mv.Csample.test: C Sample Test of Location

mv.ind.test: Independence Test

mv.l1lm: Linear Regression Based on Identity, Spatial Sign or Spatial...

mvPCA: Principal Component Analysis

mv.shape.est: Shape Matrices

mv.shape.test: Test for Sphericity

pairs2: Plotting two numeric matrices

plot.mvl1lm: Residual Plot for an mvl1lm Object

plot.mvloc: Plotting Method for mvloc Objects

plotMvloc: Function to Plot Multivariate Location Estimates and Their...

plotShape: Pairwise Scatterplot Matrix of Shape Matrices

predict.mvl1lm: Predicted Values Based on a Model Fitted by mv.l1lm

predict.mvPCA: Prediction Method for a Principal Component Object of Type...

print.anovamvl1lm: Printing an Object of Class anovamvl1lm

print.mvcloc: Printing an 'mvcloc' Object

print.mvl1lm: Printing an mvl1lm Object

print.mvloc: Printing an 'mvloc' Object

print.mvPCA: Printing Method for a Principal Component Object of Type...

residuals.mvl1lm: Residuals of an mvl1lm Object

rmvpowerexp: Random Samples From a Power Exponential Distributions

runifsphere: Random Samples From the Unit Sphere

screeplot.mvPCA: Plotting Method for a Principal Component Object of Type...

spatial.sign2: Spatial Signs

summary.mvcloc: Summarizing an 'mvcloc' Object

summary.mvl1lm: Summary for an mvl1lm Object

summary.mvloc: Summarizing an 'mvloc' Object

summary.mvPCA: Summary for an object of class mvPCA.

vcov.mvl1lm: Variance-Covariance Matrix of an mvl1lm Object

Files in this package

MNM/R/locEst.R MNM/R/mv.ind.test.internal.R MNM/R/mvshapetest_internal.R MNM/R/internal_miscMNM.R MNM/R/plotShape.R MNM/R/runifsphere.R MNM/R/mv.2way.estInternal.R MNM/R/mv.pca.R MNM/R/mv.2way.testInternal.R MNM/R/affinetrans.R MNM/R/mvshapeest.R MNM/R/mv.l1lm.R MNM/R/mv.ind.test.R MNM/R/anova.mvl1lm.R MNM/R/mv.2way.est.R MNM/R/mvCsampleTest.R MNM/R/print.anovamvl1lm.R MNM/R/syminv.R MNM/R/summary.mvcloc.R MNM/R/mv.2way.test.R MNM/R/mv.l1lm.Methods.R MNM/R/mvPCA.R MNM/R/plot.mvloc.R MNM/R/locTestInternal.R MNM/R/spatial.sign2.R MNM/R/mv2sampleEstInternal.R MNM/R/pairs2.R MNM/R/print.mvloc.R MNM/R/locTest.R MNM/R/print.mvcloc.R MNM/R/summary.mvloc.R MNM/R/mv2sampleEst.R MNM/R/MNMinternals.R MNM/R/mv.l1lm.Internal.R MNM/R/rmvpowerexp.R MNM/R/csampleinternal.R MNM/R/mvshapetest.R MNM/R/plotMvloc.R
MNM/man/runifsphere.Rd MNM/man/mv.2way.est.Rd MNM/man/predict.mvl1lm.Rd MNM/man/mv.2way.test.Rd MNM/man/print.anovamvl1lm.Rd MNM/man/spatial.sign2.Rd MNM/man/vcov.mvl1lm.Rd MNM/man/summary.mvPCA.Rd MNM/man/residuals.mvl1lm.Rd MNM/man/summary.mvloc.Rd MNM/man/plotMvloc.Rd MNM/man/mv.shape.test.Rd MNM/man/plot.mvloc.Rd MNM/man/mv.l1lm.Rd MNM/man/mv.1sample.est.Rd MNM/man/summary.mvl1lm.Rd MNM/man/rmvpowerexp.Rd MNM/man/MNM-package.Rd MNM/man/mv.ind.test.Rd MNM/man/mv.shape.est.Rd MNM/man/mv.2sample.est.Rd MNM/man/plot.mvl1lm.Rd MNM/man/summary.mvcloc.Rd MNM/man/predict.mvPCA.Rd MNM/man/print.mvl1lm.Rd MNM/man/print.mvcloc.Rd MNM/man/plotShape.Rd MNM/man/print.mvloc.Rd MNM/man/affine.trans.Rd MNM/man/mv.Csample.test.Rd MNM/man/print.mvPCA.Rd MNM/man/pairs2.Rd MNM/man/anova.mvl1lm.Rd MNM/man/screeplot.mvPCA.Rd MNM/man/mvPCA.Rd MNM/man/coef.mvl1lm.Rd MNM/man/fitted.mvl1lm.Rd MNM/man/beans.Rd MNM/man/mv.1sample.test.Rd

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