MST: Multivariate Survival Trees

Constructs trees for multivariate survival data using marginal and frailty models. Grows, prunes, and selects the best-sized tree.

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AuthorXiaogang Su [aut], Peter Calhoun [aut, cre], Juanjuan Fan [aut]
Date of publication2017-04-15 05:14:56 UTC
MaintainerPeter Calhoun <>

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as.numeric.factor Man page
bootstrap.grow.prune Man page
bootstrap.size Man page
de Man page
getTree Man page
gr0 Man page
grow.MST Man page
is.odd Man page
listIntoParty Man page
listIntoTree Man page
loglik0 Man page
MST Man page
MST-package Man page
MST.plot Man page
MST.plot.latex Man page
obtain.btree Man page
ordinalizeFunc Man page
partition.MST Man page
power.set Man page
prune.size Man page
prune.size.testsample Man page
rmultime Man page
send.down Man page
sortTree Man page
splitting.stat.MST1 Man page
splitting.stat.MST2 Man page
splitting.stat.MST3 Man page
splitting.stat.MST4 Man page
Teeth Man page

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