MSeasyTkGUI: Tcl/Tk GUI for the MSeasy package

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A Tcl/Tk GUI for some basic functions in the MSeasy package. It was created on the basis of the ade4TkGUI package by Jean Thioulouse <>, Stephane Dray <>




Right-click on MSeasy function buttons to get help on functions. You can also click on the questionhead icon in the dialog windows, this will displays the R help for the corresponding function.

In all dialog windows, entries can either be filled with a "set, choose..." button, or typed directly in the entry field. The "set" button displays a listbox with a list of available objects in the global environment. The "Choose file" button displays a browser.


The first row of buttons (- MSeasy -) is used to format MS data (Step 1- ...) prior to the clustering (Step 2- ...), either from a tab-delimited text file exported from Excel (User made file), or from raw MS data files (CDF, Agilent or ASCII files; Step 3- ... will give you access to export functions (to ARISTO format or NIST). right-click on the button to get help and for details on MS data format).

The second block of buttons (- Demonstration -) gives access to MSeasy test datasets (DataTest or DataClust) by Load an MSeasy dataset or to predifined exemples of the MSeasy functions (like MS.DataCreation, MS.clust...).

Menu bar

The menu bar at the top of the window can be used to launch all the MSeasy functions. All theses menus are tear-off.

The Menu can be used to compile or cluster MS data as the buttons described above, and to quit R :

- Help allows to read MSeasy help files.

- Quit R opens a dialog window to ask if the environment should be saved before quitting R.


Yann Guitton


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## Start the GUI

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