Man pages for MSwM
Fitting Markov Switching Models

AICAkaike Information Criterion for Markov Switching models.
energyPrice of energy in Spain
exampleExample data generated
intervalsFunction: Confidence Intervals on Coefficients
msmFitFitting Markov Switching Models
MSM.fitted-classClass "MSM.fitted"
MSM.glm-classClass "MSM.glm"
MSM-internalInternal msmFit objects and methods
MSM.lm-classClass "MSM.lm"
MSM-packageMSwM package
msmResidExtract Markov Switching Model Residuals
plotFunction: plot for Markov Switching Models
plotDiagPlot Diagnostics for an msm Object
plotProbPlot of filtered and smoothed probabilities with regimes...
plotRegComparative plots of response and explanatory variables with...
summaryFunction: Summary for Markov Switching Models
trafficTraffic Deads in Spain
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