MTurkR: R Client for the MTurk Requester API

Provides programmatic access to the Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) <> Requester API.

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AuthorThomas J. Leeper [aut, cre], Solomon Messing [ctb], Sean Murphy [ctb], Jonathan Chang [ctb], Andrew Brown [ctb]
Date of publication2017-01-23 06:35:43
MaintainerThomas J. Leeper <>

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Man pages

AccountBalance: Retrieve MTurk account balance

ApproveAssignment: Approve Assignment(s)

AssignQualification: Assign Qualification

BlockWorker: Block/Unblock Worker(s)

BulkCreate: Generate Multiple HITs

ChangeHITType: Change HITType Properties of a HIT

ContactWorker: Contact Worker(s)

CreateHIT: Create HIT

CreateQualificationType: Create QualificationType

credentials: Specify AWS Credentials

DisableHIT: Disable HIT

DisposeHIT: Dispose HIT

DisposeQualificationType: Dispose QualificationType

ExpireHIT: Expire HIT

ExtendHIT: Extend HIT

GenerateAnswerKey: Generate AnswerKey Data Structure

GenerateExternalQuestion: Generate ExternalQuestion

GenerateHITLayoutParameter: Generate a HITLayout Parameter

GenerateHITsFromTemplate: Generate HITs from a Template

GenerateHTMLQuestion: Generate HTMLQuestion

GenerateNotification: Generate Notification

GenerateQualificationRequirement: Generate QualificationRequirement

GenerateReviewPolicy: Generate HIT and/or Assignment ReviewPolicies

GetAssignment: Get Assignment(s)

GetBonuses: Get Bonus Payments

GetFileUpload: Get Files Uploaded by Workers


GetHITsForQualificationType: Get HITs by Qualification

GetQualificationRequests: Get Qualification Requests

GetQualifications: Get Qualifications

GetQualificationScore: Get a Worker's Qualification Score

GetQualificationType: Get QualificationType

GetReviewableHITs: Get Reviewable HITs

GetReviewResultsForHIT: Get ReviewPolicy Results for a HIT

GetStatistic: MTurk Worker and Requester Statistics

GrantBonus: Pay Bonus to Worker

GrantQualification: Grant/Reject Qualification Request

Miscellaneous: Convenience Functions and RUI Interaction

MTurkR-package: R Client for the MTurk Requester API

readlogfile: Read the MTurkR Logfile

RegisterHITType: Register a HITType

RejectAssignment: Reject Assignment

request: Execute an MTurk API Request

RevokeQualification: Revoke a Qualification from a Worker

SearchHITs: Search your HITs

SearchQualificationTypes: Search QualificationTypes

seconds: Convert arbitrary times to seconds

SendTestEventNotification: Test a Notification

SetHITAsReviewing: Set HIT as "Reviewing"

SetHITTypeNotification: Configure a HITType Notification

UpdateQualificationScore: Update a worker's score for a QualificationType

UpdateQualificationType: Update a Worker QualificationType

UseCaseCategorization: Use Case: Categorization

UseCaseScraping: Use Case: Scraping

UseCaseSentiment: Use Case: Sentiment Analysis

UseCaseSurvey: Use Case: Surveys

wizard: Interactive MTurkR Mode

XMLToDataFrame: Parse MTurk XML to Data Frame


accountbalance Man page
AccountBalance Man page
AnswerKeyTemplate Man page
approve Man page
approveall Man page
ApproveAllAssignments Man page
ApproveAssignment Man page
ApproveAssignments Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
assignment Man page
assignments Man page
assignqual Man page
AssignQualification Man page
AssignQualifications Man page
block Man page
blockedworkers Man page
BlockWorker Man page
BlockWorkers Man page
bonus Man page
bonuses Man page
BulkCreate Man page
BulkCreateFromHITLayout Man page
BulkCreateFromTemplate Man page
BulkCreateFromURLs Man page
categorization Man page
changehittype Man page
ChangeHITType Man page
contact Man page
ContactWorker Man page
ContactWorkers Man page
create Man page
createhit Man page
CreateHIT Man page
createqual Man page
CreateQualificationType Man page
credentials Man page
disable Man page
DisableHIT Man page
disposehit Man page
DisposeHIT Man page
disposequal Man page
DisposeQualificationType Man page
expire Man page
ExpireHIT Man page
extend Man page
ExtendHIT Man page
GenerateAnswerKey Man page
GenerateAssignmentReviewPolicy Man page
GenerateExternalQuestion Man page
GenerateHITLayoutParameter Man page
GenerateHITReviewPolicy Man page
GenerateHITsFromTemplate Man page
GenerateHTMLQuestion Man page
GenerateNotification Man page
GenerateQualificationRequirement Man page
GetAssignment Man page
GetAssignments Man page
getbalance Man page
GetBlockedWorkers Man page
GetBonuses Man page
GetFileUpload Man page
gethit Man page
GetHIT Man page
gethitsbyqual Man page
GetHITsForQualificationType Man page
GetQualificationRequests Man page
GetQualifications Man page
GetQualificationScore Man page
GetQualificationType Man page
getquals Man page
GetReviewableHITs Man page
GetReviewResultsForHIT Man page
GetStatistic Man page
geturls Man page
GetWorkerStatistic Man page
GrantBonus Man page
grantqual Man page
GrantQualification Man page
GrantQualifications Man page
hit Man page
HITStatus Man page
hittype Man page
ListOperations Man page
listops Man page
ListQualificationTypes Man page
ListStatistics Man page
MTurkR Man page
MTurkR-package Man page
notificationtest Man page
OpenDownloadPage Man page
OpenManageHITPage Man page
OpenQualificationPage Man page
OpenWorkerPage Man page
paybonus Man page
print.MTurkResponse Man page
qualrequests Man page
qualscore Man page
qualtype Man page
readlogfile Man page
RegisterHITType Man page
reject Man page
RejectAssignment Man page
RejectAssignments Man page
RejectQualification Man page
RejectQualifications Man page
rejectrequest Man page
request Man page
RequesterReport Man page
reviewable Man page
reviewing Man page
reviewresults Man page
revokequal Man page
RevokeQualification Man page
RevokeQualifications Man page
searchhits Man page
SearchHITs Man page
SearchQualificationTypes Man page
searchquals Man page
seconds Man page
SendTestEventNotification Man page
sentiment Man page
SetHITAsReviewing Man page
SetHITTypeNotification Man page
setnotification Man page
statistic Man page
status Man page
SufficientFunds Man page
survey Man page
unblock Man page
UnblockWorker Man page
UnblockWorkers Man page
updatequal Man page
UpdateQualificationScore Man page
UpdateQualificationType Man page
updatequalscore Man page
ViewAvailableHITs Man page
webscraping Man page
wizard.simple Man page
WorkerReport Man page
workerstatistic Man page


tests/testthat/tests.R tests/test-all.R
R/GenerateReviewPolicy.R R/credentials.R R/RejectAssignment.R R/GetReviewableHITs.R R/request.R R/setRownames.R R/readlogfile.R R/GetHITsForQualificationType.R R/GetReviewResultsForHIT.R R/ExtendHIT.R R/GetQualifications.R R/OpenWorkerPage.R R/SearchQualificationTypes.R R/GenerateAnswerKey.R R/OpenDownloadPage.R R/RevokeQualification.R R/GetBlockedWorkers.R R/GenerateExternalQuestion.R R/ExpireHIT.R R/ListStatistics.R R/SearchHITs.R R/seconds.R R/UpdateQualificationType.R R/wizardsimple.R R/GetFileUpload.R R/DisposeQualificationType.R R/GrantQualification.R R/HITStatus.R R/GetWorkerStatistic.R R/onLoad.r R/emptydf.R R/CreateHIT.R R/GetHIT.R R/GenerateHITsFromTemplate.R R/BulkCreate.R R/WorkerReport.R R/DisableHIT.R R/UnblockWorker.R R/DisposeHIT.R R/GenerateHITLayoutParameter.R R/GetQualificationType.R R/ApproveAssignment.R R/ListOperations.R R/AssignQualification.R R/ContactWorker.R R/ChangeHITType.R R/SendTestEventNotification.R R/RegisterHITType.R R/RequesterReport.R R/SetHITTypeNotification.R R/GetQualificationRequests.R R/OpenQualificationPage.R R/GrantBonus.R R/AccountBalance.R R/ApproveAllAssignments.R R/asdataframe.R R/GenerateNotification.R R/makeGETparameters.R R/GetQualificationScore.R R/UpdateQualificationScore.R R/BlockWorker.R R/GenerateHTMLQuestion.R R/GetStatistic.R R/CreateQualificationType.R R/OpenManageHITPage.R R/SetHITAsReviewing.R R/GetAssignment.R R/ListQualificationTypes.R R/ViewAvailableHITs.R R/RejectQualification.R R/GetBonuses.R R/GenerateQualificationRequirement.R R/SufficientFunds.R
man/readlogfile.Rd man/ExpireHIT.Rd man/request.Rd man/SearchQualificationTypes.Rd man/BlockWorker.Rd man/GetQualificationType.Rd man/Miscellaneous.Rd man/ContactWorker.Rd man/GetHIT.Rd man/GetStatistic.Rd man/GetQualificationScore.Rd man/GetBonuses.Rd man/DisposeQualificationType.Rd man/UseCaseSentiment.Rd man/GenerateHITsFromTemplate.Rd man/AssignQualification.Rd man/GenerateHITLayoutParameter.Rd man/UseCaseCategorization.Rd man/GrantQualification.Rd man/SearchHITs.Rd man/ExtendHIT.Rd man/GetReviewResultsForHIT.Rd man/DisableHIT.Rd man/RevokeQualification.Rd man/GenerateHTMLQuestion.Rd man/RegisterHITType.Rd man/AccountBalance.Rd man/CreateHIT.Rd man/wizard.Rd man/GetReviewableHITs.Rd man/GetFileUpload.Rd man/GetQualificationRequests.Rd man/SetHITTypeNotification.Rd man/UseCaseSurvey.Rd man/SetHITAsReviewing.Rd man/MTurkR-package.Rd man/GenerateReviewPolicy.Rd man/GenerateNotification.Rd man/XMLToDataFrame.Rd man/credentials.Rd man/GenerateQualificationRequirement.Rd man/UpdateQualificationType.Rd man/ApproveAssignment.Rd man/GetQualifications.Rd man/GenerateExternalQuestion.Rd man/DisposeHIT.Rd man/seconds.Rd man/UpdateQualificationScore.Rd man/ChangeHITType.Rd man/RejectAssignment.Rd man/GrantBonus.Rd man/SendTestEventNotification.Rd man/CreateQualificationType.Rd man/GetHITsForQualificationType.Rd man/BulkCreate.Rd man/UseCaseScraping.Rd man/GetAssignment.Rd man/GenerateAnswerKey.Rd

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