Man pages for MVTests
Multivariate Hypothesis Tests

BcovBartlett's Test for One Sample Covariance Matrix
BoxMBox's M Test
BsperBartlett's Sphericity Test
irisIris Data
MpairedMultivariate Paired Test
OneSampleHT2One Sample Hotelling T^2 Test
RHT2Robust Hotelling T^2 Test for One Sample in High Dimensional...
RobCatRobust CAT Algorithm
RperT2Robust Permutation Hotelling T^2 Test in High Dimensional...
simRHT2Monte Carlo Simulation to obtain d and q constants for RHT2...
summary.MVTestsSummarizing Results in MVTests Package
TR2Robust Hotelling T^2 Test Statistic
TwoSamplesHT2Two Independent Samples Hotelling T^2 Test
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