Man pages for MaOEA
Many Objective Evolutionary Algorithm

AdaptiveNormalizationObjective space normalization.
cmaes_genGenerator for cmaes_gen class.
compute_R2HVModified powered tchebyscheff R2-indicator designed to...
compute_R2HVCModified tchebyscheff R2-indicator contribution designed to...
compute_R2mtchModified tchebyscheff R2-indicator
createWeightsDas and Dennis's structured weight generation, normal...
createWeightsSobolSobol sequence weights
DTLZ1The DTLZ1 test function.
DTLZ2The DTLZ2 test function.
DTLZ3The DTLZ3 test function.
DTLZ4The DTLZ4 test function.
EvaluateIndividualEvaluate objective values of a single individual
EvaluatePopulationEvaluate objective value of a set of individuals
GetHVContributionGet HV contribution of all points.
GetHypervolumeCompute hypervolume
GetIGDGet IGD value
GetLeastContributionGet least HV contribution
GetLeastContributorGet least HV contributor
InitializePopulationLHSInitialize population with Latin Hypercube Sampling
install_python_dependenciesInstall python modules required by MaOEA: numpy and PyGMO
load_python_dependenciesInstall python modules required by MaOEA: numpy and PyGMO
MaOEA-packageMany-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm
MOCMAESMulti-Objective CMA-ES
NormalizeObjective space normalization.
NSGA3Elitist Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm version III
optimMaOEAElitist Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm version III
SMOCMAESSteady-state Multi-Objective CMA-ES
SMSEMOAS-Metric Selection EMOA
WFG1The WFG1 test function.
WFG2The WFG2 test function.
WFG4The WFG4 test function.
WFG5The WFG5 test function.
WFG6The WFG6 test function.
WFG7The WFG7 test function.
WFG8The WFG8 test function.
WFG9The WFG9 test function.
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