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Model constructor functions supplied by MachineShop are summarized in the table below according to the types of response variables with which each can be used.

Function Categorical Continuous Survival
AdaBagModel f
AdaBoostModel f
BARTModel f n S
BARTMachineModel b n
BlackBoostModel b n S
C50Model f
CForestModel f n S
CoxModel S
CoxStepAICModel S
EarthModel f n
FDAModel f
GAMBoostModel b n S
GBMModel f n S
GLMBoostModel b n S
GLMModel f m,n
GLMStepAICModel b n
GLMNetModel f m,n S
KNNModel f,o n
LARSModel n
LDAModel f
LMModel f m,n
MDAModel f
NaiveBayesModel f
NNetModel f n
ParsnipModel f m,n S
PDAModel f
PLSModel f n
POLRModel o
QDAModel f
RandomForestModel f n
RangerModel f n S
RFSRCModel f m,n S
RFSRCFastModel f m,n S
RPartModel f n S
SurvRegModel S
SurvRegStepAICModel S
SVMModel f n
SVMBesselModel f n
SVMLaplaceModel f n
SVMLinearModel f n
SVMPolyModel f n
SVMRadialModel f n
SVMSplineModel f n
SVMTanhModel f n
TreeModel f n
XGBModel f n S
XGBDARTModel f n S
XGBLinearModel f n S
XGBTreeModel f n S

Categorical: b = binary, f = factor, o = ordered
Continuous: m = matrix, n = numeric
Survival: S = Surv

Models may be combined, tuned, or selected with the following meta-model functions.

ModelSpecification Model specification
StackedModel Stacked regression
SuperModel Super learner
SelectedModel Model selection from a candidate set
TunedModel Model tuning over a parameter grid

See Also

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