Man pages for Maeswrap
Wrapper Functions for MAESTRA/MAESPA

batchutilFunctions for MAESPA batch runs
checkwatbalChecks MAESPA water balance by adding up fluxes for the soil...
maeswrapdefinitionsExample Maeswrap definition file
Maeswrap-packageBundle of functions for modifying MAESTRA/MAESPA input files,...
parseFileParse an input file
PlotstandPlot the stand in 3D
plotusparPlot the understorey PAR points
randomstandGenerate a simple random stand of trees
readdayfluxReads the dayflx.dat output file
readhrfluxReads the hrflux.dat MAESTRA/MAESPA output file
readmetReads the met.dat input file
readNameListRead a namelist into a list
readwatbalReads the watbal.dat MAESPA output file
replacemetvarReplace a weather variable
replacePARReplaces a namelist or a parameter
revcharReverse a character string.
runfiletestExample Maeswrap run datafile.
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