Design-of-C-plus-plus-code: Overview of important files.

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Internal design of the ManifoldOptim portion of the embedded C++ code. Most ManifoldOptim users should not need this. ROPTLIB source code is also included in this package, but is not described here; see Huang et al (2016a) for documentation on that portion of the code.



The Brockett problem, written as a module that can be invoked from within the ManifoldOptim package. This serves as an example for package authors who wish to expose modules to their users. Code to invoke this example from outside of the ManifoldOptim package is provided in inst/examples/brockett/cpp_pkg.


Contains the main function ManifoldOptim which takes a problem constructed in R, sets it up in ROPTLIB, runs it, and returns the result.


Defines an Rcpp module for ManifoldOptim which exposes C++ classes such as RProblem. This module provides the most common means in which R users will interact with ManifoldOptim.


The GetManifold function constructs a Manifold object based on its name and dimensions. Manifold classes are defined in ROPTLIB.


Defines the ProblemAdapter class, which takes a ManifoldOptimProblem, which is defined in the ManifoldOptim API, and plugs it into the ROPTLIB API as an ROPTLIB Problem subclass.


Defines the RProblem class, which allows the objective, gradient, and Hessian functions to be defined in R. When a function in the ROPTLIB library invokes the objective, gradient, or Hessian, this class invokes the appropriate function in R.


The GetSolver function constructs a Solver object based on its name, a given Problem, an initial value, and an initial Hessian. Solver classes are defined in ROPTLIB.


Defines a few utility functions, especially to assist in translating between the ManifoldOptim C++ API and the ROPTLIB API.


The GetVariable function returns an optimization variable suitable for a given Manifold, based on its name and dimension. Optimization variables for supported Manifolds are defined in ROPTLIB.


Defines ManifoldOptimException, which is a subclass of STL exception.


For users of the ManifoldOptim C++ API, this is the main header file to include. For an example, see inst/examples/brockett/cpp_sourceCpp/.


Defines ManifoldOptimProblem, which is the base class for all optimization problems in the ManifoldOptim API. This class facilitates writing problems with Armadillo, which can be instantiated and manipulated in R, and solved through ROPTLIB. This class assumes only that the optimization variable is a one-dimensional vector; the user must reshape it into the appropriate form (e.g. a matrix or list of matrices) when evaluating the objective, gradient, and Hessian functions.


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