Man pages for MaskJointDensity
Masking, Unmasking and Restoring Confidential Data

actualPositionGetting a Sample from Marginal Density Functions
anyNAChecks for NA in a vector
barredToActualPurely used in actualPosition
calc_muXCalculate the moments
CheckRhoAn old artefact from testing, purely for backwards...
createNoiseCreate a noise
density_RmaskDensity function
DgPurely used in rho_0
encriptNoiseencript noise
EQsampleDensitySamples from a bunch of nodes on a grid.
findOrder_Rmaskorder determination
FPI2002DataA real life dataset consisting of the bilateral investment...
fY_Rmaskdensity of Y
generalizedJointFPurely used in...
getSampleBasedOnUnmaskedDataSecond core function the End-User uses to obtain the samples...
getSampleFromMarginalDistributionOfUnmaskedDataSecond function the End-User uses to obtain the samples from...
GH_QuadratureThe seven weights used for Gaussian Hermite Quadrature
G_Point7The seven points used for Gaussian Hermite Quadrature
gRhoPurely used in rho_0
lambda_Rmaskexpectation of Legendre polynomial
maskCore function the Data Provider uses to mask the confidential...
maskBatchA batch function that the Data Provider can use to mask the...
MaskJointDensity-packageMasking, unmasking and restoring confidential data.
positionsFunction for finding the positions of the node representing...
P_RmaskLegendre polynomial
qkdeSortedA slightly altered version of qkde from package ks
rho_0Purely used in generalizedJointF
rmultiSimple way to generate noise
sampleDensityA function used to simulate a sample from a kernel function,...
unmaskFirst core function used by End-User
unmaskAndGetSampleBatchBatch function that allows the user to unmask a number of...
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