Man pages for MatchLinReg
Combining Matching and Linear Regression for Causal Inference

lalondeLalonde's National Supported Work Demonstration data
lindnerLindner Center data on 996 PCI patients analyzed by Kereiakes...
mlrCreating a series of matched data sets with different...
mlr.biasTreatment effect bias
mlr.bias.constructorGenerating the treatment effect bias constructor vector
mlr.combine.bias.varianceCombining bias and variance to produce total MSE for...
mlr.generate.Z.oGenerating omitted covariates from included covariates
mlr.matchThin wrapper around 'Match' function from 'Matching' package
mlr.orthogonalizeOrthogonalization of vectors with repsect to a matrix
mlr.powerPower analysis for causal inference using linear regression
mlr.smdStandardized mean difference
mlr.varianceTreatment effect variance
plot.summary.mlrPlotting diagnostic and calibration objects resulting from...
summary.mlrApplying diagnostic and calibration functions to mlr objects
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