Man pages for MazamaSpatialUtils
Spatial Data Download and Utility Functions

codeToCountryConvert country codes to country names
codeToStateConvert state codes to state nnames
CONUSCONUS state codes
convertCARBAirBasinsConvert California Air Resources Board basin shapefiles
convertEEZCountriesConvert Exclusive Economic Zones countries shapefile
convertGACCConvert Geographic Area Coordination Center geojson, as...
convertGADMConvert Global Administrative Areas (GADM) Shapefile
convertHMSSmokeConvert NOAA Hazard Mapping System Smoke Shapefiles
convertIndianLandsConvert Indian Lands Shapefile
convertLayerConvert Shapefile Layer to Spatial Polygon Dataframe
convertNaturalEarthAdm1Convert Level 1 (State) Borders Shapefile
convertNWSFireZonesConvert NWS Public Forecast Zones Shapefile
convertOSMTimezonesConvert OSM Timezone Shapefile
convertPHDsConvert Public Health Districts Shapefile
convertSimpleCountriesConvert (Simple) World Borders Shapefile
convertSimpleCountriesEEZConvert (Simple) World Borders Shapefile
convertSimpleTimezonesConvert SimpleTimezones Shapefile
convertStateLegislativeDistrictsConvert US dtate legislative districts shapefile
convertTerrestrialEcoregionsConvert Terrestrial Ecoregion Shapefile
convertTMWorldBordersConvert World Borders Shapefile
convertTMWorldBordersSimpleConvert (Simple) World Borders Shapefile
convertUSCensusCBSAConvert US Core Based Statistical Areas Shapefile
convertUSCensusCongressConvert US congressional districts shapefile
convertUSCensusCountiesConvert US County Borders Shapefile
convertUSCensusStatesConvert US Census State Shapefile
convertWBDHUCConvert USGS hydrologic unit shapefiles
convertWeatherZonesConvert NWS Public Forecast Zones Shapefile
convertWikipediaTimezoneTableConvert Wikipedia Timezone Table to Dataframe
convertWorldEEZConvert World Exclusive Economic Zones Boundaries Shapefile
convertWorldTimezonesConvert Timezone Shapefile
countryToCodeConvert country names to country codes
dissolveAggregate shapes in a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame
getCountryReturn country names at specified locations
getCountryCodeReturn country ISO codes at specified locations
getCountryNameReturn country names at specified locations
getHUCReturn HUCs at specified locations
getHUCNameReturn HUC names at specified locations
getPolygonIDGet polygonID from SPDF of interest
getSpatialDataReturn spatial data associated with a set of locations
getSpatialDataDirGet package data directory
getStateReturn state names at specified locations
getStateCodeReturn state ISO codes at specified locations
getStateNameReturn state names at specified locations
getTimezoneReturn Olson timezones at specified locations
getUSCountyReturn US county name at specified locations
getVariableReturn SPDF variable at specified locations
installSpatialDataInstall spatial datasets
iso2ToIso3Convert from ISO2 to ISO3 country codes
iso3ToIso2Convert from ISO3 to ISO2 country codes
loadSpatialDataLoad spatial datasets
MazamaSpatialUtilsMazama Science spatial data and utility functions.
organizePolygonsOrganize ungrouped polygons
pipePipe operator
removeSpatialDataDirRemove package data directory
runExampleRun Shiny app example
setSpatialDataDirSet package data directory
SimpleCountriesWorld country polygons
SimpleCountriesEEZWorld country EEZ polygons
SimpleTimezonesWorld timezone polygons
simplifySimplify SpatialPolygonsDataFrame
SpatialDataDirDirectory for spatial data
stateToCodeConvert state names to state codes
subsetHUCSubset pre-formatted HUC files into smaller groupings.
summarizeByPolygonSummarize values by polygon
US_52US state codes
US_stateCodesDataframe of US state codes
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