Man pages for MeTo
Meteorological Tools

adj_u2Adjust wind speed data
controlDefaultsControl default values
deltaVPSlope of the saturation vapor pressure curve
dlhDayligth hours (N)
drInverse relative distance Earth-Sun
e0Saturation Vapor Pressure
estGEstimate soil heat flux (G)
estPEstimate atmospheric pressure (P)
estRsEstimate solar radiation (Rs)
ETrefFAO-56 Penman-Monteith grass reference evapotranspiration
prep.datePrepare date
psyc_conspsychrometric constant
RaExtraterrestrial radiation
RnNet radiation (Rn)
RnlNet longwave radiation (Rnl)
RnsNet solar or net shortwave radiation (Rns)
RsoClear-sky solar radiation (Rso)
satVPSaturation Vapor Pressure
SolarDecSolar declination
VPActual vapor pressure
wSolar time angle
wsSunset hour angle
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