Man pages for Meiosis
Simulation of Meiosis in Plant Breeding Research

calc_LstarCalculate adjusted chromosome length for an obligate chiasma.
check_geno_individualCheck genotypic representation of an individual.
check_positionsCheck genetic positions
check_xo_individualCheck segmental representation of an individual.
check_xoparamCheck crossover parameters.
ConverterConverter reference class
create_xo_founderCreate founders with crossover-data.
create_xoparamCreate a parameter list for simulating crossovers.
cross_genoCross individuals (genotypic representation)
crossoverSimulate crossover locations.
cross_xoCross individuals (segmental representation)
dh_genoProduce doubled haploid (genotypic representation)
dh_xoProduce doubled haploid (segmental representation)
exdatExample data
MeiosisMeiosis: Simulation of meiosis in plant breeding research
meiosis_genoSimulate meiosis (genotypic representation)
meiosis_xoSimulate meiosis (segmental representation)
realized_coancestryCompute co-ancestry
realized_heterCompute realized heterozygosity.
restructureRestructure genotypic data
seed_rngSeed the random number generator of the C++ routines.
self_genoProduce selfing (genotypic representation)
self_xoProduce selfing (segmental representation)
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