MetNorm-package: MetNorm

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Statistical methods for normalizing metabolomics data


Metabolomics data are inevitably subject to a component of unwanted variation, due to factors such as batch effects, matrix effects, and confounding biological variation. This package contains a collection of R fuctions which may be used to obtain normalized metabolomics data.


Alysha M De Livera


De Livera, A. M., Dias, D. A, De Souza, D., Rupasinghe, T., Pyke, J., Tull, D., Roessner, U., McConville, M., and Speed, T. P. (2012). Normalizing and integrating metabolomics data. Analytical chemistry, 84(24), 10768-76.

De Livera, A.M., Aho-Sysi, M., Jacob, L., Gagnon-Bartch, J., Castillo, S., Simpson, J.A., and Speed, T.P. (2014), Statistical methods for handling unwanted variation in metabolomics data

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