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Start the Graphical User Interface for MetSizeR. The MetSizeR GUI provides a user friendly method for sample size estimation for both targeted and NMR metabolomic experiments even when experimental pilot data is not available.




MetSizeR GUI options:

File Read in data and covariates, quit
Open upload the txt file containing the spectrum
covariates upload the txt file containing the covariates
demo_nmr_pilot_data upload the demonstration NMR data already in MetSizeR
Quit dispose the GUI
Sample size sample size estimation
pilot data sample size estimation with experimental pilot data
no pilot data sample size estimation with no experimental pilot data
NMR data sample size estimation for a NMR experiment
Targeted sample size estimation for a targeted experiment
Spectral bins number of spectral bins from the NMR experiment
Metabolites number of metabolites for targeted analysis
Proportion of significant bins proportion of spectral bins expected to be significant
Proportion of significant metabolites proportion of metabolites expected to be significant
Models different types of models available
ncovars number of covariates for the PPCCA model
Target FDR level of control over type I errors
Sample size per group smallest sample size to be considered in each group
Save results in R directory save results in the R working directory
calculate estimate the sample size
Plot proportion of significant bins assess the effect of varying the expected proportion of significant
Plot proportion of significant metabolites assess the effect of varying the expected proportion of proportion
of significant metabolites
MetSizeR status displays if MetSize has finished estimating the sample size
Help manual for MetSizeR
manual manual for MetSizeR


MetSizeR is built upon gWidgets package. Make sure gWidgets package is properly installed.


Gift Nyamundanda [email protected], Isobel Claire Gormley, Yue Fan, William M Gallagher, Lorraine Brennan



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