alternative_headers: A file with alternative header names in the input files



A file with alternative header names in the input files, which is used to internally convert the header names from your file(s) to the ones used by the script. The file has two columns. The first one contains the variable names as used in the script, the second one contains the header names as specified in the input files. A default file can be found in the subdirectory 'extdata' of the installation directory of MetaSubtract. You can add header names of your files to this file to make the internal conversion.

The variable names in the script are the following:

MARKER marker name

EFFECTALLELE effect allele

OTHERALLELE other allele

BETA effect size

EAF effect allele frequency

N sample size

P p-value

SE standard error of BETA

Z z-score

NSTUDIES number of studies

DIRECTION direction of effects

LP -log10(p-value)

QHET Q-value for heterogeneity

QHETP p-value of QHET

I2HET I2 value for heterogeneity

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