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Deploying R Analytics to MicroStrategy made easy.


The ability to deploy R Analytics to MicroStrategy combines the Best in Business Intelligence with the world's fastest growing statistical workbench. Conceptually, think of the R Analytic as a Black Box with an R Script inside. MicroStrategy doesn't need to know much about the R Script in the black box, it only needs to know how to pass data in and, after the script has executed in the R environment, how to consume the results out.

The key for MicroStrategy to execute an R Analytic implemented as an R Script is capturing the R Analytic's "signature", a description of all inputs and outputs including their number, order and nature (data type, such as numeric or string, and size, scalar or vector).

The deployR utility analyses an R Script, identifies all potential variables and allows the user to specify the Analytic's signature, including the ability to configure additional features such as the locations of the script and working directory as well as controlling settings such as how nulls are handled.

All this information is added to a header block at the top of the R Script. The header block, comprised mostly of non-executing comment lines which are used by MicroStrategy when executing the script. The analytic's signature represented in the header block tells MicroStrategy precisely how to execute the R Analytic.

Finally, in order to deploy the R analytic to MicroStrategy, the MicroStrategyR pacakge provides the metric expression of each potential output. The metric expression can be pasted into any MicroStrategy metric editor for deploying the R Analytic to MicroStrategy for execution.


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