Man pages for MixGHD
Model Based Clustering, Classification and Discriminant Analysis Using the Mixture of Generalized Hyperbolic Distributions

ARIAdjusted Rand Index.
banknoteSwiss Banknote data
bankruptcyBankruptcy data
cMSGHDConvex mixture of multiple scaled generalized hyperbolic...
contourplContour plot
DADiscriminant analysis using the mixture of generalized...
MCGHDMixture of coalesced generalized hyperbolic distributions...
MGHDMixture of generalized hyperbolic distributions (MGHD).
MGHFAMixture of generalized hyperbolic factor analyzers (MGHFA).
MixGHDClass "MixGHD"
MixGHD-classClass MixGHD.
MSGHDMixture of multiple scaled generalized hyperbolic...
plot.MixGHDPlot objects of class MixGHD.
sonarSonar data
summary.MixGHDPlot objects of class MixGHD.
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