Man pages for MixedPsy
Statistical Tools for the Analysis of Psychophysical Data

MixDeltaPSE/JND for Univariable GLMM Using Delta Methods
MixPlotPlotting univariable GLMM
MixTreatmentPSE/JND for Multivariable GLMM Using Delta Methods
pseMerPSE/JND for GLMM Using Bootstrap Methods
PsychDeltaPSE/JND for univariable GLM Using Delta Method
PsychFunctionFitting and Plotting Psychometric Functions
PsychShapePlotting Psychometric Functions given PSE and JND
PsySimulateSimulate psychophysical data
simul_dataA simulated psychophysical dataset
vibro_exp3Data from tactile discrimination task - EXP3
xplodeExtract values from a fitted GLMM object
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