MonetDB.R: Connect MonetDB to R

Allows to pull data from MonetDB into R. Includes a DBI implementation and a dplyr backend.

AuthorHannes Muehleisen [aut, cre], Anthony Damico [aut], Thomas Lumley [ctb]
Date of publication2016-03-21 23:07:24
MaintainerHannes Muehleisen <>
LicenseMPL (== 2.0)

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control Man page
db_analyze.MonetDBConnection Man page
dbCommit,MonetDBConnection-method Man page
db_create_index.MonetDBConnection Man page
db_insert_into.MonetDBConnection Man page
db_query_fields.MonetDBConnection Man page
db_query_fields.MonetDBEmbeddedConnection Man page
db_query_rows.MonetDBConnection Man page
db_query_rows.MonetDBEmbeddedConnection Man page
dbRollback,MonetDBConnection-method Man page
db_save_query.MonetDBConnection Man page
dbSendUpdate Man page
dbSendUpdateAsync Man page
dbSendUpdateAsync,MonetDBConnection,character-method Man page
dbSendUpdate,MonetDBConnection,character-method Man page
dbTransaction Man page
dbTransaction,MonetDBConnection-method Man page
initExtension Man page
initExtension,MonetDBConnection-method Man page
isIdCurrent Man page
isIdCurrent,MonetDBConnection-method Man page
isIdCurrent,MonetDBResult-method Man page
mc Man page
mdbapply Man page
mdbapply,MonetDBConnection-method Man page
MonetDB Man page
monetdbd.liststatus Man page
monetdb.liststatus Man page
monetdblite Man page
MonetDBLite Man page
monetdb_queryinfo Man page
MonetDBR Man page
MonetDB.R Man page Man page
MonetDB.R-package Man page
monetdbRtype Man page
monetdb.server.getpid Man page
monetdb.server.setup Man page
monetdb.server.shutdown Man page
monetdb.server.start Man page
monetdb.server.stop Man page
MonetR Man page Man page
mq Man page
rmonetdblite Man page
RMonetDBLite Man page
sample_frac.tbl_monetdb Man page
sample_n.tbl_monetdb Man page
sqlite-compatibility Man page
sql_subquery.MonetDBConnection Man page
src_desc.src_monetdb Man page
src_monetdb Man page
src_translate_env.src_monetdb Man page
tbl.src_monetdb Man page

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