Man pages for MorphoTools2
Multivariate Morphometric Analysis

boxMTestBox's M-test for Homogeneity of Covariance Matrices
boxplotCharacterBox Plots
cda.calcCanonical Discriminant Analysis
cdadataClass Cdadata
centaurea25 Morphological Characters of Three Species of the...
charactersList Morphological Characters
classifdataClass classifdata
classif.ldaClassificatory Discriminant Analysis
classif.matrixFormat the Classifdata to Summary Table
classifSample.ldaClassificatory Discriminant Analysis
clustHierarchical Clustering
cormatCorrelations of Characters
descrTaxonDescriptive Statistics
exportResExport Data
head.morphodataReturn the First or Last Parts of an Object
histCharacterHistograms of Characters
keepTaxonKeep Items (Taxa, Populations, Samples, Morphological...
knn.selectSearch for the Optimal K-nearest Neighbours
missingCharactersTableSummarize Missing Data
missingSamplesTableSummarize Missing Data
morphodataClass morphodata
naMeanSubstReplace Missing Data by Population Average
nmds.calcNon-metric Multidimensional Scaling (NMDS)
nmdsdataClass nmdsdata
pca.calcPrincipal Component Analysis
pcadataClass pcadata
pcoa.calcPrincipal Coordinates Analysis (PCoA)
pcoadataClass pcoadata
plot3DpointsThe Default Scatterplot 3D Function
plotAddEllipsesAdd Prediction Ellipses to a Plot
plotAddLabels.charactersAdd Labels to a Plot
plotAddLabels.pointsAdd Labels to a Plot
plotAddLegendAdd Legend to a Plot
plotAddSpidersAdd Spiders to a Plot
plotCharactersDraws Character's Contribution as Arrows
plotPointsThe Default Scatterplot Function
populOTUPopulation Means
qqnormCharacterQuantile-Quantile Plots
read.morphodataData Input and Description
removeTaxonRemove Items (Taxa, Populations, Morphological Characters)...
shapiroWilkTestShapiro-Wilk Normality Test
stepdisc.calcStepwise Discriminant Analysis
summaryObject Summaries
transformCharacterTransformation of Character
viewMorphodataInvoke a Data Viewer
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