PopulationDataTable: Population/Abundance data of OTUs over time for "table"...

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This data is a small artificial data which contains information about population/abundance of some artificial OTUs. When data.method in Muller.plot function is "table" then population.data must be a matrix or data frame with N rows and T columns, which N is the number of OTUs and T is the number of time steps or generations with provided abundances (or the number of samples). Here N=8 and T=101.




A matrix with 101 columns and 8 rows.


"rownames" of this matrix/data frame must be OTU names:

"RBL636","rkd D5891 bcc","ylnC-48","iglK f12","BAeR G11","nuhj-25","HwrK-41","QecF*22"

and "colnames" must be time steps or generations.

The Matrix contains abundance of each OTU at each time step.

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