NADA: Nondetects And Data Analysis for environmental data

Contains methods described by Dennis R. Helsel in his book "Nondetects And Data Analysis: Statistics for Censored Environmental Data"

AuthorLopaka Lee
Date of publication2013-12-06 07:42:02
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LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

Ag: Dissolved silver concentrations from water analyses

Arsenic: Dissolved arsenic concentrations in ground water of U.S.

AsExample: Example arsenic concentrations in drinking water

asSurv-methods: Methods for function asSurv in Package NADA

Atra: Atrazine concentrations in Nebraska ground water

AtraAlt: Atrazine concentrations in Nebraska ground water -...

Atrazine: Atrazine concentrations in Nebraska ground water - Another...

Bloodlead: Lead concentrations in the blood of herons in Virginia.

boxplot-methods: Methods for function boxplot in Package NADA

Cadmium: Cadmium concentrations in fish

Cen: Create a Censored Object

cenboxplot: Produces a censored boxplot

cendiff: Test Censored ECDF Differences

cendiff-methods: Methods for function cendiff in Package NADA

cenfit: Compute an ECDF for Censored Data

cenfit-class: Class "cenfit"

cenfit-methods: Methods for function cenfit in Package NADA

cenken: Compute Kendall's tau correlation coefficient and associated...

cenken-class: Class "cenken"

cenken-methods: Methods for function cenken in Package NADA

cenmle: Regression by Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Left-censored...

cenmle-class: Class "cenmle"

cenmle-gaussian-class: Class "cenmle-gaussian"

cenmle-lognormal-class: Class "cenmle-lognormal"

cenmle-methods: Methods for function cenmle in Package NADA

cenreg: Compute regression equations and likelihood correlation...

cenreg-class: Class "cenreg"

cenreg-gaussian-class: Class "cenreg-gaussian"

cenreg-lognormal-class: Class "cenreg-lognormal"

cenreg-methods: Methods for function cenreg in Package NADA

censtats: Produces summary statistics using ROS, MLE, and K-M methods.

censummary: Produces basic summary statistics on censored data

censummary-methods: Methods for function censummary in Package NADA

cenxyplot: Produces a censored x-y scatter plot

ChlfmCA: Chloroform concentrations in California groundwater.

coef-methods: Methods for function coef in package NADA

cor-methods: Methods for function cor in Package NADA

CuZn: Copper and zinc concentrations in ground water

CuZnAlt: Zinc concentrations of the CuZn data set

DFe: Dissolved iron concentrations from the Brazos River, USA

DOC: DOC in ground water

flip-methods: Methods for function flip in Package NADA

Golden: Blood lead in organs of herons from Virginia

Hatchery: Antibiotic concentrations in fish-hatchery drainage

hc.ppoints: Helsel-Cohn style plotting positions

HgFish: Mercury concentrations in fish across the United States.

lines-methods: Methods for function lines in Package NADA

MDCu: Copper in ground water from of San Joaquin Valley, USA

mean-methods: Methods for function mean in Package NADA

median-methods: Methods for function median in Package NADA

NADA.As: Dissolved arsenic concentrations in ground water of U.S.

NADA-internal: Internal NADA Objects

NADAList-class: Class "NADAList"

Oahu: Arsenic concentrations in Manoa Stream, Oahu Hawaii

pctCen: Calculate the percentage of values censored

plot-methods: Methods for function plot in Package NADA

predict-methods: Methods for function predict in package NADA

print-methods: Methods for function print in Package NADA

quantile-methods: Methods for function quantile in Package NADA

Recon: Atrazine in streams of the Midwestern U.S.

residuals-methods: Methods for function residuals in package NADA

Roach: Lindane in fish from tributaries of the Thames River, UK

ros: Regression on Order Statistics

ros-class: Class "ros"

ros-methods: Methods for function ros in Package NADA

sd-methods: Methods for function sd in Package NADA

SedPb: Lead in stream sediments before and after wildfires

ShePyrene: Pyrene concentrations in water from Puget Sound, WA USA

show-methods: Methods for function show in Package NADA

Silver: Silver-standard concentrations

splitQual: Split character qualifiers and numeric values from qualified...

summary.cenreg-class: Class "summary.cenreg"

summary-methods: Methods for function summary in Package 'NADA'

Tbl1one: Contaminant concentrations in test and a control group

TCE: TCE in ground waters of Long Island, New York

TCEReg: TCE ground waters of Long Island - with explanatory variables

Thames: Dieldrin, lindane and PCB in fish of the Thames River, UK

Files in this package

NADA/R/All.R NADA/R/ken.R NADA/R/km.R NADA/R/mle.R NADA/R/ros.R NADA/R/cen.R NADA/R/summary.R NADA/R/reg.R NADA/R/icmle.R
NADA/man/summary-methods.Rd NADA/man/ros-methods.Rd NADA/man/cenboxplot.Rd NADA/man/DOC.Rd NADA/man/Bloodlead.Rd NADA/man/lines-methods.Rd NADA/man/mean-methods.Rd NADA/man/asSurv-methods.Rd NADA/man/ros-class.Rd NADA/man/cor-methods.Rd NADA/man/plot-methods.Rd NADA/man/cenmle.Rd NADA/man/NADA-internal.Rd NADA/man/Oahu.Rd NADA/man/AsExample.Rd NADA/man/TCE.Rd NADA/man/Recon.Rd NADA/man/Ag.Rd NADA/man/pctCen.Rd NADA/man/Golden.Rd NADA/man/Cen.Rd NADA/man/summary.cenreg-class.Rd NADA/man/Hatchery.Rd NADA/man/ros.Rd NADA/man/SedPb.Rd NADA/man/hc.ppoints.Rd NADA/man/Atrazine.Rd NADA/man/ShePyrene.Rd NADA/man/cenreg-lognormal-class.Rd NADA/man/cenmle-gaussian-class.Rd NADA/man/Tbl1one.Rd NADA/man/cenmle-methods.Rd NADA/man/cenreg-methods.Rd NADA/man/cenmle-lognormal-class.Rd NADA/man/cenmle-class.Rd NADA/man/MDCu.Rd NADA/man/cenken-class.Rd NADA/man/ChlfmCA.Rd NADA/man/cenfit.Rd NADA/man/flip-methods.Rd NADA/man/cenreg-gaussian-class.Rd NADA/man/cenreg.Rd NADA/man/quantile-methods.Rd NADA/man/sd-methods.Rd NADA/man/coef-methods.Rd NADA/man/boxplot-methods.Rd NADA/man/cenfit-methods.Rd NADA/man/cendiff-methods.Rd NADA/man/CuZnAlt.Rd NADA/man/cenken.Rd NADA/man/Arsenic.Rd NADA/man/TCEReg.Rd NADA/man/cendiff.Rd NADA/man/censummary-methods.Rd NADA/man/CuZn.Rd NADA/man/Atra.Rd NADA/man/cenken-methods.Rd NADA/man/Silver.Rd NADA/man/print-methods.Rd NADA/man/splitQual.Rd NADA/man/cenxyplot.Rd NADA/man/censtats.Rd NADA/man/Cadmium.Rd NADA/man/NADAList-class.Rd NADA/man/Roach.Rd NADA/man/DFe.Rd NADA/man/Thames.Rd NADA/man/HgFish.Rd NADA/man/AtraAlt.Rd NADA/man/cenfit-class.Rd NADA/man/censummary.Rd NADA/man/predict-methods.Rd NADA/man/NADA.As.Rd NADA/man/cenreg-class.Rd NADA/man/residuals-methods.Rd NADA/man/median-methods.Rd NADA/man/show-methods.Rd

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