NADA: Nondetects And Data Analysis for environmental data

Contains methods described by Dennis R. Helsel in his book "Nondetects And Data Analysis: Statistics for Censored Environmental Data"

AuthorLopaka Lee
Date of publication2013-12-06 07:42:02
MaintainerLopaka Lee <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

Ag: Dissolved silver concentrations from water analyses

Arsenic: Dissolved arsenic concentrations in ground water of U.S.

AsExample: Example arsenic concentrations in drinking water

asSurv-methods: Methods for function asSurv in Package NADA

Atra: Atrazine concentrations in Nebraska ground water

AtraAlt: Atrazine concentrations in Nebraska ground water -...

Atrazine: Atrazine concentrations in Nebraska ground water - Another...

Bloodlead: Lead concentrations in the blood of herons in Virginia.

boxplot-methods: Methods for function boxplot in Package NADA

Cadmium: Cadmium concentrations in fish

Cen: Create a Censored Object

cenboxplot: Produces a censored boxplot

cendiff: Test Censored ECDF Differences

cendiff-methods: Methods for function cendiff in Package NADA

cenfit: Compute an ECDF for Censored Data

cenfit-class: Class "cenfit"

cenfit-methods: Methods for function cenfit in Package NADA

cenken: Compute Kendall's tau correlation coefficient and associated...

cenken-class: Class "cenken"

cenken-methods: Methods for function cenken in Package NADA

cenmle: Regression by Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Left-censored...

cenmle-class: Class "cenmle"

cenmle-gaussian-class: Class "cenmle-gaussian"

cenmle-lognormal-class: Class "cenmle-lognormal"

cenmle-methods: Methods for function cenmle in Package NADA

cenreg: Compute regression equations and likelihood correlation...

cenreg-class: Class "cenreg"

cenreg-gaussian-class: Class "cenreg-gaussian"

cenreg-lognormal-class: Class "cenreg-lognormal"

cenreg-methods: Methods for function cenreg in Package NADA

censtats: Produces summary statistics using ROS, MLE, and K-M methods.

censummary: Produces basic summary statistics on censored data

censummary-methods: Methods for function censummary in Package NADA

cenxyplot: Produces a censored x-y scatter plot

ChlfmCA: Chloroform concentrations in California groundwater.

coef-methods: Methods for function coef in package NADA

cor-methods: Methods for function cor in Package NADA

CuZn: Copper and zinc concentrations in ground water

CuZnAlt: Zinc concentrations of the CuZn data set

DFe: Dissolved iron concentrations from the Brazos River, USA

DOC: DOC in ground water

flip-methods: Methods for function flip in Package NADA

Golden: Blood lead in organs of herons from Virginia

Hatchery: Antibiotic concentrations in fish-hatchery drainage

hc.ppoints: Helsel-Cohn style plotting positions

HgFish: Mercury concentrations in fish across the United States.

lines-methods: Methods for function lines in Package NADA

MDCu: Copper in ground water from of San Joaquin Valley, USA

mean-methods: Methods for function mean in Package NADA

median-methods: Methods for function median in Package NADA

NADA.As: Dissolved arsenic concentrations in ground water of U.S.

NADA-internal: Internal NADA Objects

NADAList-class: Class "NADAList"

Oahu: Arsenic concentrations in Manoa Stream, Oahu Hawaii

pctCen: Calculate the percentage of values censored

plot-methods: Methods for function plot in Package NADA

predict-methods: Methods for function predict in package NADA

print-methods: Methods for function print in Package NADA

quantile-methods: Methods for function quantile in Package NADA

Recon: Atrazine in streams of the Midwestern U.S.

residuals-methods: Methods for function residuals in package NADA

Roach: Lindane in fish from tributaries of the Thames River, UK

ros: Regression on Order Statistics

ros-class: Class "ros"

ros-methods: Methods for function ros in Package NADA

sd-methods: Methods for function sd in Package NADA

SedPb: Lead in stream sediments before and after wildfires

ShePyrene: Pyrene concentrations in water from Puget Sound, WA USA

show-methods: Methods for function show in Package NADA

Silver: Silver-standard concentrations

splitQual: Split character qualifiers and numeric values from qualified...

summary.cenreg-class: Class "summary.cenreg"

summary-methods: Methods for function summary in Package 'NADA'

Tbl1one: Contaminant concentrations in test and a control group

TCE: TCE in ground waters of Long Island, New York

TCEReg: TCE ground waters of Long Island - with explanatory variables

Thames: Dieldrin, lindane and PCB in fish of the Thames River, UK


Ag Man page
Arsenic Man page
Arsenic Man page
As Man page
AsExample Man page
AsExample Man page
asSurv Man page
asSurv,Cen-method Man page
asSurv,formula-method Man page
asSurv-methods Man page
Atra Man page
AtraAlt Man page
AtraAlt Man page
Atrazine Man page
Bloodlead Man page
boxplot-methods Man page
boxplot,ros Man page
boxplot,ros-method Man page
Cadmium Man page
Cen Man page
cenboxplot Man page
cendiff Man page
cendiff,Cen,missing,missing-method Man page
cendiff,formula,missing,missing-method Man page
cendiff-methods Man page
cendiff,numeric,logical,factor-method Man page
cenfit Man page
cenfit,Cen Man page
cenfit,Cen,missing,missing-method Man page
cenfit-class Man page
cenfit,formula Man page
cenfit,formula,missing,missing-method Man page
cenfit-methods Man page
cenfit,numeric,logical Man page
cenfit,numeric,logical,factor Man page
cenfit,numeric,logical,factor-method Man page
cenfit,numeric,logical,missing-method Man page
[,cenfit,numeric,missing-method Man page
cenken Man page
cenken-class Man page
cenken,formula,missing,missing,missing-method Man page
cenken-methods Man page
cenken,numeric,logical,numeric,logical-method Man page
cenken,numeric,logical,numeric,missing-method Man page
cenmle Man page
cenmle,Cen,missing,missing-method Man page
cenmle-class Man page
cenmle-gaussian Man page
cenmle-gaussian-class Man page
cenmle-lognormal Man page
cenmle-lognormal-class Man page
cenmle-methods Man page
cenmle,numeric,logical,factor-method Man page
cenmle,numeric,logical,missing-method Man page
cenmle,numeric,logical,numeric-method Man page
cenreg Man page
cenreg-class Man page
cenreg,formula,missing,missing-method Man page
cenreg-gaussian Man page
cenreg-gaussian-class Man page
cenreg-lognormal Man page
cenreg-lognormal-class Man page
cenreg-methods Man page
cenreg,numeric,logical,factor-method Man page
cenreg,numeric,logical,numeric-method Man page
cenros Man page
censtats Man page
censummary Man page
censummary,Cen,missing,missing-method Man page
censummary,formula,missing,missing-method Man page
censummary-methods Man page
censummary,numeric,logical,factor-method Man page
censummary,numeric,logical,missing-method Man page
censummary,numeric,logical,numeric-method Man page
cenxyplot Man page
ChlfmCA Man page
coef,cenreg-method Man page
coefficents-methods Man page
coef-methods Man page
cohn Man page
cor Man page
cor,ANY-method Man page
cor,cenreg-method Man page
cor-methods Man page
CuZn Man page
CuZnAlt Man page
DFe Man page
DOC Man page
flip Man page
flip,Cen-method Man page
flip,formula-method Man page
flip-methods Man page
Golden Man page
Hatchery Man page
hc.ppoints Man page
hc.ppoints.cen Man page
hc.ppoints.uncen Man page
HgFish Man page
lines,ANY-method Man page
lines,cenfit-method Man page
lines,cenken-method Man page
lines-methods Man page
lines,ros-method Man page
lines,ros-method Man page
lros Man page
MDCu Man page
mean,ANY-method Man page
mean,cenfit-method Man page
mean,cenmle-gaussian-method Man page
mean,cenmle-lognormal-method Man page
mean,cenmle-method Man page
mean-methods Man page
mean,ros-method Man page
mean,ros-method Man page
median,ANY-method Man page
median,cenfit-method Man page
median,cenmle-gaussian-method Man page
median,cenmle-lognormal-method Man page
median,cenmle-method Man page
median-methods Man page
median,ros-method Man page
median,ros-method Man page
NADA.As Man page
NADAList-class Man page
NADAprobs Man page
Oahu Man page
pctCen Man page
pexceed Man page
pexceed,cenfit-method Man page
pexceed,ros-method Man page
plot,ANY,ANY-method Man page
plot,cenfit,ANY-method Man page
plot,cenfit-method Man page
plot,cenmle-gaussian,ANY-method Man page
plot,cenmle-lognormal,ANY-method Man page
plot,cenmle-method Man page
plot,cenreg,ANY-method Man page
plot,cenreg-method Man page
plot-methods Man page
plot,ros-method Man page
plot,ros,missing-method Man page
plot,ros,missing-method Man page
predict Man page
predict,cenfit-method Man page
predict,cenreg-lognormal-method Man page
predict,cenreg-method Man page
predict-methods Man page
predict,ros-method Man page
predict,ros-method Man page
print,ANY-method Man page
print,cenfit-method Man page
print,Cen-method Man page
print,cenmle-method Man page
print,cenreg-method Man page
print,censummary-method Man page
print-methods Man page
print,NADAList-method Man page
print,ros-method Man page
print,ros-method Man page
print,summary.cenreg-method Man page
quantile,ANY-method Man page
quantile,cenfit-method Man page
quantile,cenmle-gaussian-method Man page
quantile,cenmle-lognormal-method Man page
quantile,cenmle-method Man page
quantile-methods Man page
quantile,ros-method Man page
quantile,ros-method Man page
Recon Man page
residuals,cenreg-method Man page
residuals-methods Man page
Roach Man page
ros Man page
ros-class Man page
ros-methods Man page
ros,numeric,logical-method Man page
sd,ANY-method Man page
sd,cenfit-method Man page
sd,cenmle-gaussian-method Man page
sd,cenmle-lognormal-method Man page
sd,cenmle-method Man page
sd-methods Man page
sd,ros-method Man page
sd,ros-method Man page
SedPb Man page
ShePyrene Man page
show,ANY,ANY-method Man page
show,cenfit-method Man page
show,cenken-method Man page
show,cenmle-gaussian,ANY-method Man page
show,cenmle-lognormal,ANY-method Man page
show,cenmle-method Man page
show,cenreg-method Man page
show,censummary-method Man page
show-methods Man page
show,NADAList-method Man page
show,ros-method Man page
show,summary.cenreg-method Man page
Silver Man page
splitQual Man page
summary,ANY-method Man page
summary,cenfit-method Man page
summary.cenreg Man page
summary.cenreg-class Man page
summary,cenreg-method Man page
summary-methods Man page
summary,ros-method Man page
summary,ros-method Man page
Tbl1one Man page
TCE Man page
TCEReg Man page
Thames Man page
trueT Man page


NADA/R/All.R NADA/R/ken.R NADA/R/km.R NADA/R/mle.R NADA/R/ros.R NADA/R/cen.R NADA/R/summary.R NADA/R/reg.R NADA/R/icmle.R
NADA/man/summary-methods.Rd NADA/man/ros-methods.Rd NADA/man/cenboxplot.Rd NADA/man/DOC.Rd NADA/man/Bloodlead.Rd NADA/man/lines-methods.Rd NADA/man/mean-methods.Rd NADA/man/asSurv-methods.Rd NADA/man/ros-class.Rd NADA/man/cor-methods.Rd NADA/man/plot-methods.Rd NADA/man/cenmle.Rd NADA/man/NADA-internal.Rd NADA/man/Oahu.Rd NADA/man/AsExample.Rd NADA/man/TCE.Rd NADA/man/Recon.Rd NADA/man/Ag.Rd NADA/man/pctCen.Rd NADA/man/Golden.Rd NADA/man/Cen.Rd NADA/man/summary.cenreg-class.Rd NADA/man/Hatchery.Rd NADA/man/ros.Rd NADA/man/SedPb.Rd NADA/man/hc.ppoints.Rd NADA/man/Atrazine.Rd NADA/man/ShePyrene.Rd NADA/man/cenreg-lognormal-class.Rd NADA/man/cenmle-gaussian-class.Rd NADA/man/Tbl1one.Rd NADA/man/cenmle-methods.Rd NADA/man/cenreg-methods.Rd NADA/man/cenmle-lognormal-class.Rd NADA/man/cenmle-class.Rd NADA/man/MDCu.Rd NADA/man/cenken-class.Rd NADA/man/ChlfmCA.Rd NADA/man/cenfit.Rd NADA/man/flip-methods.Rd NADA/man/cenreg-gaussian-class.Rd NADA/man/cenreg.Rd NADA/man/quantile-methods.Rd NADA/man/sd-methods.Rd NADA/man/coef-methods.Rd NADA/man/boxplot-methods.Rd NADA/man/cenfit-methods.Rd NADA/man/cendiff-methods.Rd NADA/man/CuZnAlt.Rd NADA/man/cenken.Rd NADA/man/Arsenic.Rd NADA/man/TCEReg.Rd NADA/man/cendiff.Rd NADA/man/censummary-methods.Rd NADA/man/CuZn.Rd NADA/man/Atra.Rd NADA/man/cenken-methods.Rd NADA/man/Silver.Rd NADA/man/print-methods.Rd NADA/man/splitQual.Rd NADA/man/cenxyplot.Rd NADA/man/censtats.Rd NADA/man/Cadmium.Rd NADA/man/NADAList-class.Rd NADA/man/Roach.Rd NADA/man/DFe.Rd NADA/man/Thames.Rd NADA/man/HgFish.Rd NADA/man/AtraAlt.Rd NADA/man/cenfit-class.Rd NADA/man/censummary.Rd NADA/man/predict-methods.Rd NADA/man/NADA.As.Rd NADA/man/cenreg-class.Rd NADA/man/residuals-methods.Rd NADA/man/median-methods.Rd NADA/man/show-methods.Rd

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