Pollen_Thia: Thiamethoxam concentrations in pollen

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Thiamethoxam concentrations in pollen


Thiamethoxam concentrations in pollen from the Ontario Pollen Monitoring Network.




An object of class data.frame with 204 rows and 4 columns.


Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (Pollen Monitoring Network)

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Variables are:

  • Thiamethoxam: Thiamethoxam concentration in Concentrations in microgram per gram.

  • ThiaCens: Censoring indicator. 1 denotes that the value in column 1 is a reporting limit not a specific concentration.

  • SamplingEvent: A grouping variable from the sample design. A concentration is from 1 of 4 events in time.

  • ThiaAbvBelow: A binary variable denoting whether the Thiamethoxam concentration is above or below 0.05 ug/g.

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