Man pages for NBLDA
Negative Binomial Linear Discriminant Analysis

cervicalCervical cancer data
controlAccessors for the 'control' slot.
FindBestTransformFind the Power Transformation Parameter.
generateCountDataGenerate Count Data
getShrinkedDispersionsEstimate Shrinked Overdispersions
inputsAccessors for the 'input' slot.
nblda-class'nblda' object
nbldaControlControl parameters for trained NBLDA model.
nblda_input-class'nblda_input' object
NBLDA-packageClassifying count data using Poisson/Negative Binomial linear...
nbldaTrainedAccessors for the 'crossValidated' slot.
nblda_trained-class'nblda_trained' object
normalizationAccessors for the 'type' slot.
NullModelCalculate Normalized Counts and Related Training Parameters.
plotPlot Method for the 'nblda' and 'nblda_trained' Classes
predictExtract predictions from NBLDA model
selectedFeaturesAccessors for the 'selectedFeatures' slot.
showShow Method for the S4 classes in NBLDA Package
trainNBLDATrain Model over Different Tuning Parameters
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