Man pages for NEArender
Network Enrichment Analysis

as_genes_fgsCreate single-gene FGS
benchmarkBenchmark networks using Network Enrichment Analysis (NEA)
can.sig.goExample functional gene sets (FGS) from GO and KEGG
char2int.fastchar2int function
fantom5.43samplesA Fantom5 transcriptomes in 43 carincinoma cell samples
gsea.renderGene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA)
import.gsRead in an AGS or FGS test file
import.netImport a network text file
mutations2agsCreate AGS from a mutation matrix
nea.renderNetwork Enrichment Analysis (NEA)
net.keggA more compact alternative global network for the network...
rocROC for NEA benchmarks
samples2agsCreate AGS from a raw data matrix.
save_gs_listCreate a TAB-delimited text file from AGS or FGS
set.heatPlot a heatmap of NEA/GSEA output
topology2ndHigher order topology and correlation between node degrees
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