Data.DINO: Example dataset generated using DINO model

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This dataset is a list containing components generated using DINO model, which can be used to test out the estimation functions in the package.

$Q: The Q matrix. Numerical, 20 (item) by 3 (attribute). Binary values: 1=attribute required by the item, 0=attribute not required by the item.

$response: The examinee responses to all items. Numerical, 300 (examinee) by 20 (item). Binary values: 1=correct, 0=incorrect.

$true.alpha: The true examinee ability profiles. Numerical, 300 (examinee) by 3 (attribute). Binary values: 1=examinee masters the attribute, 0=examinee does not master the attribute.

$true.par$slip: The true slipping parameters for each item. Numerical, vector of 20.

$true.par$guess: The true guessing parameters for each item. Numerical, vector of 20.




The format is: List of 4 elements.

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