Man pages for NPHazardRate
Nonparametric Hazard Rate Estimation

AuxiliaryUser driven input for random number generation and pdf,...
cvfunctionCross Validation for Histogram Hazard Rate Estimator
DefVarBandRuleDefault adaptive bandwidth rule
DiscHazRateAuxFunctionsAuxiliary functions for discrete hazard rate estimators
DiscreteHazRateEstDiscrete hazard rate estimator
DiscretizeDataDiscretize the available data set
HazardRateEstKernel Hazard Rate Estimation
HistHazRateEstHistogram Hazard Rate Estimator
HRSurvEstimate of the constant in the optimal AMISE expression
iHazardRateEstKernel Integrated Hazard Rate Estimation
KernelsKernel functions
KMestKaplan-Meier Estimate
lambdahatDiscrete non parametric mle hazard rate estimator
LLHRPlugInBandSimple Plug in badnwidth selector
LocLinAuxQuantitiesLocal kernel weights
LocLinHazRateEstLocal Linear Hazard Rate Estimator
NP.M.EstimateEstimate of bandwidth constant
PlugInBandSimple Plug in badnwidth selector
SDHazardRateEstKernel Second Derivative Hazard Rate Estimation
SimpsonIntSimpson numerical integration
TransHazRateEstTransformation Based Hazard Rate Estimator
TutzPritscherDiscrete non parametric kernel hazard rate estimator
VarBandHazEstVariable Bandwidth Hazard Rate Estimator
WeibHazFunctionalsWeibull hazard rate functionals
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