Man pages for NST
Normalized Stochasticity Ratio

ab.assignRandomly draw individuals into species according to specified...
beta.gVarious taxonomic beta diversity indexes
beta.limitUpper limit of different beta diversity (dissimilarity)...
bmntd.bigbeta mean nearest taxon distance (betaMNTD) from big data
dist.3colTransform distance matrix to 3-column matrix
match.nameCheck and ensure the consistency of IDs in different objects.
nst.bootBootstrapping test for ST and NST
NST-packageNormalized Stochasticity Ratio
nst.panovaPermutational multivariate ANOVA test for ST and NST
null.modelsOptions of null model algorithms
pNSTNormalized Stochasticity Ratio based on phylogenetic beta...
taxo.nullNull models of taxonomic beta diversity
tdaTest dataset A
tNSTTaxonomic Normalized Stochasticity Ratio (tNST)
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