Man pages for NestedCategBayesImpute
Modeling, Imputing and Generating Synthetic Versions of Nested Categorical Data in the Presence of Impossible Combinations

checkconstraintsChecking a data matrix of households for the...
checkconstraints_HHhead_at_group_levelChecking a data matrix of households for the...
checkSZThe new implementation of checkconstraints and will evently...
checkSZ2Michael: Edit here
GetImpossibleHouseholdsGenerate the desired number of impossible households required...
groupcountGenerate 2D count table for two integer-valued vectors.
groupcount1DGenerate histogram count for an integer-valued vector.
households2individualsConvert a household data matrix to the corresponding...
initDataInitialize the input data structure.
initMissingInitilize the misising data structure from input data
initOutputSet the output structure for saving posterior samples of...
initParametersInitialize the model parameters for the MCMC.
RunModelRun the mcmc sampler for the model.
sampleGUpdate household (group) level latent class indexes.
samplehouseholdsRcpp implementation for sampling household data without...
sampleMUpdate individual level latent class indexes.
SampleMissingSample and update missing data
UpdateAlphaUpdate alpha.
UpdateBetaUpdate beta.
UpdateLambdaUpdate lambda.
UpdateLambdaWeightedUpdate lambda.
UpdateOmegaUpdate omega and v.
UpdateOmegaWeightedUpdate omega and v.
UpdatePhiUpdate phi.
UpdatePhiWeightedUpdate phi.
UpdatePiUpdate pi and u.
UpdatePiWeightedUpdate pi and u.
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