Man pages for NetworkChange
Bayesian Package for Network Changepoint Analysis

MakeBlockNetworkChangeBuild a synthetic block-structured temporal data with breaks
MarginalCompareCompare Log Marginal Likelihood
multiplotPrinting multiple ggplots in oone file
NetworkChangeChangepoint analysis of a degree-corrected multilinear tensor...
NetworkStaticDegree-corrected multilinear tensor model
plotContourContour plot of latent node positions
plotUPlot of latent node positions
plotVPlot of layer-specific network generation rules.
startSSample a starting value of hidden states
startUVStarting values of U and V
ULUstateSampleHidden State Sampler
updatebUpdate time-constant regression parameters
updatebmUpdate regime-changing regression parameters
updatePUpdate transition matrix
updateSUpdate latent states
updates2mUpdate regime-specific variance
updateUUpdate time-constant latent node positions
updateUmRegime-specific latent node positions
updateVUpdate layer specific network generation rules
updateVmUpdate V from a change-point network process
WaicCompareCompare WAIC
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