Man pages for Nippon
Japanese Utility Functions and Data

JapaneseColorsFind RGB by Japanese color names
jholidayCalculate public holidays in Japan
jyearConversion to Japanese year style
kakasiInterface to kakasi
kansu2arabicConversion form Kasuji (Chinese/Japanese numerals) to arabic...
kata2hiraConversion form Katakana to Hiragana Japanese name of months
Nippon-deprecatedDeprecated function(s) in the Nippon package
Nippon-internalInternal objects in the Nippon package
Nippon-packageJapanese Utility Functions and Data
nippon.paletteSwitch the color palette to JIS colors
prefecturesPrefectural names in Japan
romanizationRomanization of Japanese
sanitizeZenkakuSanitizing strings contaminated with fullwidth (zenkaku)...
sjis2utf8Wrapper of iconv for Japanese encoding
wareki2ADConversion from Japanese imperial year to Anno Domini
zen2hanConvert Japanese characters from fullwidth (zenkaku) to...
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