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Utilities and kinship information for Behavior Genetics and Developmental research using the NLSY.


This package considers both Gen1 and Gen2 subjects. "Gen1" refers to subjects in the original NLSY79 sample ( "Gen2" subjects are the biological children of the Gen1 females -ie, those in the NLSY79 Children and Young Adults sample (

The release version is available through CRAN by running install.packages('NlsyLinks'). The most recent development version is available through GitHub by running devtools::install_github (repo = 'LiveOak/NlsyLinks') (make sure devtools is already installed). If you're having trouble with the package, please install the development version. If this doesn't solve your problem, please create a new issue, or email Will.


William Howard Beasley (Howard Live Oak LLC, Norman)

Joseph Lee Rodgers (Vanderbilt University, Nashville)

David Bard (University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, OKC)

Kelly Meredith (Oklahoma City University, OKC)

Michael D. Hunter (University of Oklahoma, Norman)

Maintainer: Will Beasley <>


This package's development was largely supported by the NIH Grant 1R01HD65865, “NLSY Kinship Links: Reliable and Valid Sibling Identification" (PI: Joe Rodgers). A more complete list of research articles using NLSY Kinship Links is maintained on our package's website.

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library(NlsyLinks) #Load the package into the current R session.
summary(Links79Pair)  #Summarize the five variables.
hist(Links79Pair$R)  #Display a histogram of the Relatedness values.
table(Links79Pair$R)  #Create a table of the Relatedness values for the whole sample.

## Not run: 
# Install/update NlsyLinks with the release version from CRAN.

# Install/update NlsyLinks with the development version from GitHub
#install.packages('devtools') #Uncomment if `devtools` isn't installed already.

## End(Not run)

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