Man pages for NoiseFiltersR
Label Noise Filters for Data Preprocessing in Classification

AENNAll-k Edited Nearest Neighbors
BBNRBlame Based Noise Reduction
C45ensemblesClassical Filters based on C4.5
CNNCondensed Nearest Neighbors
CVCFCross-Validated Committees Filter
DROPDecremental Reduction Optimization Procedures
dynamicCFDynamic Classification Filter
edgeBoostFilterEdge Boosting Filter
EFEnsemble Filter
ENGEditing with Neighbor Graphs
ENNEdited Nearest Neighbors
EWFEdge Weight Filter
GEGeneralized Edition
HARFHigh Agreement Random Forest
hybridRepairFilterHybrid Repair-Remove Filter
INFFCIterative Noise Filter based on the Fusion of Classifiers
IPFIterative Partitioning Filter
ModeFilterMode Filter
ORBoostFilterOutlier Removal Boosting Filter
PFPartitioning Filter
PRISMPReprocessing Instances that Should be Misclassified
RNNReduced Nearest Neighbors
saturationFilterSaturation Filters
summary.filterSummary method for class filter
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