Man pages for Numero
Statistical Framework to Define Subgroups in Complex Datasets

nroAggregateRegional averages on a self-organizing map
nroColorizeAssign colors based on value
nroDestratifyMitigate data stratification
nroKmeansK-means clustering
nroKohonenSelf-organizing map
nroLabelLabel pruning
nroMatchBest-matching districts
nroPermutePermutation analysis of map layout
nroPlotPlot a self-organizing map
nroPostprocessStandardization using existing parameters
nroPreprocessData cleaning and standardization
nroSummaryEstimate subgroup statistics
nroTrainTrain self-organizing map
numero.cleanClean datasets
numero.createCreate a self-organizing map
numero.evaluateSelf-organizing map statistics
numero.plotPlot results from SOM analysis
numero.preparePrepare datasets for analysis
numero.qualitySelf-organizing map statistics
numero.subrgoupInteractive subgroup assignment
numero.summarySummarize subgroup statistics
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