Man pages for ODB
Open Document Databases (.odb) management

difftimeFmtFormats a time difference in multiple units
isClosedChecks if a DBI connection is closed
ODB-classClass "ODB"
odb.closeCloses an "ODB" connection and updates the .odb file
odb.commentsGets or sets column comments in an ODB database
odb.createCreates a .odb empty file.
odb.exportExports an ODB database to a SQL file.
odb.insertWrapper for inserting data in an ODB table.
odb.openCreates a connection to a .odb file
ODB-packageOpen Document Databases (.odb) management
odb.queriesGets or sets stored queries in an ODB database
odb.readExecutes a reading SQL query in an ODB database (SELECT ...)
odb.tablesGets description of every table in an ODB database.
odb.writeExecutes writing SQL queries in an ODB database (INSERT ...)
progress-classClasses "progress", "progress.file" and "progress.console"
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